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Meeting Miss Claire

Posted on by Samara

Yesterday was a whirlwind of trials sessions at the Studio.  Yes, in case you didn’t know, we are sharing a studio space with the talented Devron Enarson in East Pilsen!  We love it so much and it makes these long trial days so much easier to get through!

Our first Bride of the day was the amazingly-adorable Claire. Bubbly from the beginning, and we knew this trial was going to be a lot of fun! We clicked right away, and when she showed us her collection of Zooey Deschanel hair and makeup picture inspirations, our giddiness began to bubble over. She wanted a look that would compliment the laid back, fun, summer wedding she will have in June. We ask each bride for adjectives to describe how she wants to look overall on her big day and Claire told us with a smile, that she wanted to look romantically sweet. From there, we knew exactly the direction we wanted to head in!

First, she was so kind to let us take a before picture because it helps give a perspective to the process :) Isn’t she so cute!!!

Lets get started!

For her hair, she wanted something up (because lets be honest, it is hot in June), texture, and a style that would complement the flower hair piece she purchased in lieu of a veil. I have been obsessed with buns lately (seriously… obsessed.)  And I wanted to play on the idea of a ballerina bun but add the texture to make it more… romantically sweet

Good Lord this is seriously one of my favorite styles for the 2012 season! For the makeup, Claire had a simple request: to look beautiful!  As you can see, she has amazing eyes so Krystyn wanted to feature them in a soft way. So she chose a rosy palette and some strategically placed eyelashes to give her the polished look that screamed romantically sweet bride!

So pretty, right?! The reveal was the best when she couldn’t stop staring and smiling! That’s all we could have hoped for.  Our goal is simple, for our brides to love their look. This trial was a great way to start our day and we seriously can’t wait until Claire’s big day when we get to do this look all over again!


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