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Trials Runs and Romantic Curls

Posted on by Samara

Hello 2013! We are ready to ROCK this year! First things first, we have to get through all of the trial runs that spring brings us! We do an average of 50-60 weddings a year, so that means, 50-60 trials before the season starts! Thank the good Lord we have a beautiful studio space to meet all of our brides in to make our lives a whole lot easier. I promise it has made us nicer people.

So here we go! This past weekend we met with two of our brides and ironically, they both had very similar ideas of what their hair should look like on their big day. Romantic, loose, soft, and sexy! Deal!

Soft romantic curls and soft and sexy makeup

Miss Laura was the sweetest! She came in as a little bit of a hair and makeup novice, but she wanted to amp things up for the wedding day. We were GIDDY over the possibilities, because this girl is GORGEOUS!! We tried her hair down at first but it didn’t give off the slightly sexy feel we were searching for. There is nothing like showing off a little neck to change the game! Add a soft smokey eye and a few lashes to add some drama and you have a recipe for magic!


Stunning. Ladies like Laura make our job easy. :)

Next up we met with Kristi. We had done a trial run with her this past fall but she wanted to come in once more before the big day to refresh her memory, and maybe to see us again?? :) She is having a whimsical themed wedding this summer and wants her look to feel earthy, natural and a little bit fairy inspired :)

Again, we had a great pallet to begin with!


We decided at the last minute to sneak a braid in there, because you can never go wrong with a braid :)


So there you have it! 2013 is off to a great start with amazing ladies like this that allow us to collaborate with them to create their perfect look. can you believe that this is our job?!

Krystyn and Samara

Veronica Scheaffer Evening Wear 2012!

Posted on by Samara

Man I can’t believe its October! This wedding season has been a whirlwind, and thankfully its not slowing down any time soon :) In the midst of the wedding craziness, we fit in an *ahem* early (5am) photo shoot with our favorite designer EVER Veronica Scheaffer! She has just launched a line of Evening wear dresses to accompany her amazing collection of Bridal Gowns This girl is crazy amounts of talented and we get excited any time she brings us on board for a shoot! Especially when Mr. Billy Rood is the man behind the lens! All you need to see is the pictures to know how awesome this collaboration was!

amaaaaaaazing right?! I’m obsessed with all things redhead. Now I just need an excuse to wear one of these dresses!

Meeting Miss Claire

Posted on by Samara

Yesterday was a whirlwind of trials sessions at the Studio.  Yes, in case you didn’t know, we are sharing a studio space with the talented Devron Enarson in East Pilsen!  We love it so much and it makes these long trial days so much easier to get through!

Our first Bride of the day was the amazingly-adorable Claire. Bubbly from the beginning, and we knew this trial was going to be a lot of fun! We clicked right away, and when she showed us her collection of Zooey Deschanel hair and makeup picture inspirations, our giddiness began to bubble over. She wanted a look that would compliment the laid back, fun, summer wedding she will have in June. We ask each bride for adjectives to describe how she wants to look overall on her big day and Claire told us with a smile, that she wanted to look romantically sweet. From there, we knew exactly the direction we wanted to head in!

First, she was so kind to let us take a before picture because it helps give a perspective to the process :) Isn’t she so cute!!!

Lets get started!

For her hair, she wanted something up (because lets be honest, it is hot in June), texture, and a style that would complement the flower hair piece she purchased in lieu of a veil. I have been obsessed with buns lately (seriously… obsessed.)  And I wanted to play on the idea of a ballerina bun but add the texture to make it more… romantically sweet

Good Lord this is seriously one of my favorite styles for the 2012 season! For the makeup, Claire had a simple request: to look beautiful!  As you can see, she has amazing eyes so Krystyn wanted to feature them in a soft way. So she chose a rosy palette and some strategically placed eyelashes to give her the polished look that screamed romantically sweet bride!

So pretty, right?! The reveal was the best when she couldn’t stop staring and smiling! That’s all we could have hoped for.  Our goal is simple, for our brides to love their look. This trial was a great way to start our day and we seriously can’t wait until Claire’s big day when we get to do this look all over again!


Veronica Sheaffer 2012 collection!

Posted on by Samara

We get a little giddy when we get an email from miss Veronica Sheaffer asking us to do hair and makeup for photo shoots. Her dresses are insanely amazing, we get to shoot with the talented Billy Rood  and we always have the best time! The shoot for Veronica’s 2012 collection was no different. We played around with braids and coral lips andwe aren’t going to lie, Danielle Maddox looks pretty hot! We couldn’t be happier with the final shots and more proud to work with such talented individuals.

Indie Wed

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If you haven’t heard… We will be at Indie Wed on Thursday! we are so excited to participate and its going to be a blast! Hope to see you there!!