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Bridal Beauty Chicago is a boutique makeup and hair company made up of Krystyn and Samara. In order to maintain our vision, philosophy, reputation and our fashion forward approach to bridal beauty, we made the decision to distinguish ourselves from the beauty staffing agencies by not employing freelancers. We, along with our assistants, can accommodate wedding parties of all sizes and offer an unparalleled and personalized experience to make your day memorable!

Get to know us

Makeup Artist: Krystyn J

After 5 years of working as a Sales Manager in the hotel industry, Krystyn decided to throw her corporate aspirations to the wind and follow her passion. In January 2008, Krystyn made the decision to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist.

Krystyn prides herself on being a completely self-taught artist. “My father is an artist, so I feel that a lot of my artistic abilities are innate. And I acquired my professional intelligence from my mother who is more of business minded individual. I got the best of both of them—I consider myself to be a type A, creative free-spirit! Being a freelance makeup artist allows me to express and exercise both elements of me.”

Krystyn describes her work as: strong, clean and expressive. She enjoys the borrowing of a variety of styles from different sources including other artists, film and art and combining them to make them her own. Although she has developed an eclectic style and approach, the one thing that remains constant is her precise application and attention to detail. Krystyn’s passion for her craft is apparent in her work. She states, “I believe that the greatest days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you realize why you were born—I was born to do makeup.”

Krystyn has quickly become a highly sought-after talent in the industry. She has already worked on several television shows such as “The Rachel Ray Show”, “The Biggest Loser”, Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Searching For”, HGTV and Oxygen’s TV show, “Dance Your Ass Off”. Additionally, her work has been featured in Nylon Magazine and in a Cover Girl ad and some of her clients include Ulta Cosmetics, InStyle Magazine, L’Oreal and TJ Maxx. She has had the opportunity to work with R &amp ;B Singers Kool & The Gang, R. Kelly and Mario, Rapper Lil’ Jon, Gayle King, Bob Harper, actress Lisa Ann Walters, Tavis Smiley, Dr. Cornel West and numerous professional athletes including Scottie Pippen and politicians including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Krystyn is a Chicago Makeup Artist. See more of her work at: www.krystynjohnson.com!

Hair Stylist: Samara Toby

Samara Toby is a Chicago based Hair Stylist who is renowned for her remarkable expertise and unique approach to the hairstyles she creates. Samara got her start in Milwaukee and began her formal training at the tender age of 16. From early on, she was recognized as a stylist who fought against traditional rules and cookie cutter methods. In 2004, Samara relocated to the Chicago land area to continue her work as a salon stylist. After four years of fine tuning her skills in the salon environment, in 2008 she decided to pursue her career as a Freelance Hair Stylist.

“I found the salon environment to be stifling and unrewarding. Hair has become my art and a creative outlet for me. Working as a Freelance Hair Stylist gives me the freedom to actually create beautiful art versus the repetitious and uninspiring work I was doing in the salon.”

In December 2008, Samara started Bridal Beauty Chicago with noted makeup artist, Krystyn Johnson and together they quickly became one of Chicago’s most sought after bridal beauty teams. Samara contributes her success with her bridal clientele to her innate ability to identify with each client and to create a personal look based on her understanding of that particular bride. When it comes to bridal hair styling, her approach is anything but traditional. Samara is best known for her celebrity red carpet hairstyles and she draws inspiration from fashion magazines and the runways and red carpets of New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

Aside from bridal styling, Samara has extended her passion to public service. Samara traveled to Romania in 2002 to provide hair services for children in orphanages and learned quickly that her art can be used to show compassion. “I love making people look good…and more important making them FEEL good. While hairstyling is not a necessary tool of survival, something as simple as getting their hair done gave the orphans a new found sense of hope and confidence and made them feel deserving and special.” Samara continued her service in 2004 when she traveled to Southeast Asia to aid in the relief after the Indian Ocean tsunami.

“These worldly experiences and acts of compassion coupled with my unconventional training and background, has allowed me to create in a boundary-less world where my skills are from within and not from a format or a book.”

Services We Offer

For the most convenient experience, we offer all of our services on location! Whether you need us for your wedding, engagement party, engagement photos, boudoir photo shoot, or just a special event, we will travel to you to give you the hair and makeup that will make you feel your best!